Full complement cylindrical roller bearing

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Full complement cylindrical roller bearing

Full complement cylindrical ball bearing

Full complement cylindrical roller bearings have solid inner and outer rings and rib-guided cylindrical rollers. Since these bearings have the largest possible number of rolling elements, they have extremely high radial load carrying capacity, high rigidity and are suitable for particularly compact designs. Due to their kinematic conditions, however, they cannot achieve the high speeds that are possible when using cylindrical roller bearings with cage.

Full complement cylindrical roller bearings are available as non-locating, semi-locating and locating bearings and in single and double row designs.

we have sl type bearing in stock as follows:

SL1830 series:sl183006  to  sl183096   sl1830/500   sl1830/530

SL1829 series:sl182912  to  sl182996   sl1829/500   sl1829/530

SL1822 series:sl182207  to  sl182244

SL1818 series:sl181840  to  sl181896   sl1818/500   sl1818/530   sl1818/560  sl1818/600   sl1818/630

SL1923 series:sl192308  to  sl192352

SL1849 series:sl184912  to  sl184996    sl1849/500   sl1849/530

SL1848 series:sl184830  to  sl184896    sl1848/500   sl1848/530

SL1850 series:sl185008  to  sl185096    sl1850/500

SL0149 series:sl014910  to  sl014996    sl0149/500   sl0149/530

SL0148 series:sl014830  to  sl0148/96   sl0148/500   sl0148/530

SL0248 series:sl024830  to  sl024896    sl0248/500   sl0248/530

SL0249 series:sl024910  to  sl024996    sl0249/500   sl0249/530

SL0450 series:sl045008pp  to  sl045096pp



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